Saturday, January 12, 2008

Amongst Warriors Were True Champions

I've gotta admit I "borrowed" these two pictures from another blog, but like a true gentleman, I will give credit where credit is due.

I've been a regular viewer of Hoodsworld for months now. The men! The men! Then men! The are a handful of must read blogs everyday, and Hoodworld is one. It's not so much "reading" material, but "eye candy" for the hungry (or horny) queer. He caters to all tastes of men of color and walks of life, athletes, musicians, actors, other celebrity, average joes, you name it! There are days when some his posts make me swoon and a sigh will escape my lips,perhaps an expletive of joy even.

Today's post was no exception....

One the most sexiest football players ever to don a uniform and walk the playing field, Will Demps, was the subject of a recent post on Hood's blog. But what caught my eye was his photo essay on Kellen Winslow, Jr! Shiiiiiiit!I sighed liked a silly girl when I saw him My exclamation "He's a slice of Heaven on a plate." doesn't give justice nor adequate description to how I feel. I mean the earth moved. Wow!

Damn, he's sexy! Yes, I'm a fag. Proud of it. Whatchu gotta say, huh?!? LOL.

Check out Hoodsworld blog, but keep checking out the Axe, the Internet's big enough for the two of us. There's no competition. I really recommend his blog because the eye candy will have you drooling for days.

As an added bonus, I threw in a picture of Martin Rucker, from one of Hood's post on NFL players. That smile is worth its weight in gold. So dreamy......

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