Sunday, January 13, 2008


Last night I was catching up with the blogs I read and ran into two blogger's posts which caused me to stop and reflect. Each had a deep impact on me and I admit I spent half the night writing out a response on their commentary. I'm currently working on type it out on the Axe, as sometimes its easier for me to write out by hand, then retype so my thought are concise, coherent, and get to my point.

Eight pages later, I'm furiously attempting to get everything typed, check grammar, and making sure this very adult, translation serious topic, makes sense and I don't come off looking immature or foolish. It's taking forever! Right now I have to get ready and meet E.J. for lunch, or else I'd finish it. I'll warn you now it's loooooong. I've attempt to trim parts, but the length will not be denied. Be patient when its finally published. It's insightful. I'd definitely like comments once I'm finished. It's a "Tribe Of One" labeled post, so be on the lookout for it, tentatively titled "What You Expect, Community Respect." That's my working title. Might change. You'll know it when you see it thought. It'll have a warning disclaimer and, as I said, be very long.

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