Friday, January 4, 2008

Leoban's Feedback

I started typing this last night, but I decided to call it an evening early.

I'm changing the date to reflect the post for Friday. I want to blog each day, but so far '08 has gotten off to a sluggish start. I'll explain later.

I've kinda been in avoidance mood because some of my emotional issues are running rampant. I don't want the first few posts for the New Year to be whiny and bitchy. Naw, I'm puttin' on the good foot!

Leoben sent an email on Thursday about the Axe. As you know, he is one of the few exceptions to my semi-anonymous rule, I use his real name. OK, I caught shit from him concerning some recent posts (HA!) and he saw fit to let me know the real deal. He's not mad, just thinks its funny, like I'm misleading people we're in a relationship. I don't recall ever writing that on the blog, do you? Here's what my "big brother" and not my boyfriend (satisfied Leeb?!?!?) had to say...
"....your blog is as creative and phenomenal as ever my friend. Stop worrying so much what others think and do your thing. You're too damn paranoid, shit! People are reading {your blog} because they relate; can connect with what you're saying. Nobody gives a shit about your bad grammar or occasional left out word! But a good spell check program wouldn't hurt either! Don't you know how to proofread bitch?!?

Please stop telling your blog friends, readers, whatever you call 'em, I stayed at your house the other night! You'll have them thinking we're boyfriends. I still have some taste left! See what I get for trying help out a scoundrel like you? Damn! Knowing you though, you'll go back and complain on the blog.

Where's my Mary J CD by the way? Do you have it or did {Napoleon} swipe her like he does all your CDs? Call me asshole!
- L."
And I did exactly what he said I was gonna do, blog about it!.

Like me, Leoban is single, but with good reason. He's a single parent raising a teenage son. His son keeps him busy and Leebs feels a relationship would complicate his life. I commend him for putting his child first, but his son is a high schooler, almost a grown man himself. I'm sure he could handle his father dating.

I never asked if Leoban is out to his son, I just assumed he is. Leoban is one for giving self-esteem pep-talks, kick in the ass & get yo' act together speeches, so would think that he is openly gay with his son. I've never known Leoban to be ashamed of anything, so it would surprise me if he is still in the closet with his son!

Leoban, Napoleon, and I all bicker like kids when we get together but there's an underlying tight bond between us. We get snippy, but its only because we care, so his email, I know, comes from a place of love, not malice. I appreciate his love and kind words of praise about the Axe. I do get self-conscious about my efforts. Still, I've made the decision to broaden readership and am going to place the link on a blog finder like PLU Blogs or Best Male Blogs. I'm pretty nervous about what feedback I might get once a larger audience discovers me though.

And yes I borrowed his MJB CD because mine is mysteriously absent from my CD rack. Unlike some of my friends, who'll remain nameless and blameless until proven otherwise, I do return items I borrow!

I love you too
Leoban, you fuck up! LOL.

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