Friday, September 12, 2008

If You Only Believe

Friday is finally here folks. Thank God is right. For some reason this week seemed incredulously tedious and long. But it's a'ight cause we made it through and endured the storms, didn't we? Praise God!

You know I need to take my butt to church this weekend and give proper thanks for His Blessings. Amen!

Weekend plans are underway. This afternoon I'm meeting up with Arturo for lunch, tomorrow I'm plannin' on seeing Tyler Perry's "The Family That Preys," (the spelling "Prey" is correct, as Tyler emphasized this morning on Tom Joyner, while promoting the film) and as mentioned, Sunday will find my butt in a church pew. A'ight now!

Tyler Perry is a brother in action. Go on TP! Didn't realize Tyler is only a coupla months older 'an me. He mentioned his 39th birthday is this weekend. Damn, 39? OK, so if Tyler Perry can make his dreams come true, what's my excuse? Huh!?! Time to get off my ass and get in motion! My dreams of starting my own restaurant can be a reality if I only apply myself. There's still time.

Speaking of motion, this morning is movin' fast! Whew. I lost track of time when I sat down for coffee, started blogging, and listened to Barack speak on the TJMS. Talk about gettin the day started off on the good foot. I could listen to Barack speak all day long! Somehow, some way, this man needs to win the November election. Barack has got what it takes to be President! Brother is full of passion, faith, hope, and conviction! Preach it B!

Did anyone see Sarah Palin's interview last night? I caught parts of it. Lemme tell you, she was a dear caught in the headlights. Oh God help us! Open your eyes America. Don't be swayed or misguided. Please people! Hear Barack's message. Know he has a plan that will put our country back on track! But you know folk gonna do what they gonna do! Some people won't be convinced, no matter what, and'll continue to fall for the same old same old.

On a side note, my thoughts and prayers go out to my friends in Texas who need to evacuate as precaution for Hurricane Ike's arrival. I'm hearing this storm is gonna pack a wallop and is possibly nastier than Katrina or Rita. Ike has left a path of devastation and life lost in it's wake, so you know this one ain't no joke. E-mailed the French Fry Guy to keep me apprised on his sitch. Prayin' him and his will ride out this storm, literally.

My thoughts are with ya brotha! Hold on tight and holla soon!

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Darius T. Williams said...

Yea, TP is such an inspiration...he's teaching us all to make it happen!


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