Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catchin' Up With Life

Well, the weekend flew in and flew out in a moment's notice it seems. Why do weekends go faster than the weekdays, huh? I'd seriously like to know!

Most of my plans went awry...had to cancel out on Arturo due to lack of money, postponed seeing the "Family That Preys" for the same reason, and I ended up housing sitting, but it's all good! God got me to church and Artie and I rescheduled lunch for later this coming week. It'll even be his treat. I'll take that!

I also managed to catch up with my blog reading. Thanks to Greg, I subscribed to Feedly Blog Reader, which gathers all your blog posts in one convenient place. It cuts down time significantly.

Damn, I was way behind. Y'all shared some intriguing thoughts and situations! Your eloquent way of writing makes The Axe come across as juvenile prattle. Toddy, Darius, Greg, Corey, Darian, Chet, Aaron, Vince, and Cocoa Rican... I'm speechless. The ups, downs, triumphs, break-ups, heartache, the joy... just the feeling each of you put into your blogs. I'm envious, given my current circumstances (pure and unadulterated boredom) with life, a little drama, good or bad, would be appreciated.

Three posts stand out in the forefront of my mind, Corey's piece on Fathers and Gay Sons and two bites Darian did; one on Bobby Blake's stance on effeminate men and the other a snippet from Southern Voice reporter Ryan Lee's article on Katt Williams "outing" Dorian Wilson. If you haven't caught up with either Corey's or Darian's posts, go check 'em out, then come back.

I'll comment on Corey in forthcoming blog, later. I'll say this much for now, Corey brought home the message and it caused reflection on past issues in my own life. (Yo! Brother I didn't forget about my assignment either. I'm still workin' on it.) For the moment though, I'm compelled mostly to sound off on Bobby Blake and Katt Williams.

First, Bobby Blake has to be the ugliest man in creation! He's just a big ole piece of meat (and not the good kind). He ain't sexy in my opinion. Not even hardly! I watched the clip attached with the post and brother didn't come across too powerfully masculine to me. While not flaming, brother has a gay vibe. I'm not interest in shit this ugly mofo has to say.

Second, Katt Williams. OK, he's somewhat funny, I'll admit that. But excuse me for a second if I call him out and question his own sexuality. Doesn't it strike you odd he's pointing fingers? He seems a little "family"-ish at times, in fact, I just assumed he was "acting" straight to advance his career. I don't know if Katt is married or has kids or anything, but we all know that shit doesn't mean nuthin' in this day in age. It never did.

Maybe Katt's "queer" vibe is a part of his routine meant to enhance jocularity. Whatever. I've only seen a handful of his specials, so I'm not sure what his shtick is. Katt's sexually questionable role in "First Sunday" came across too convincing, so who the hell is he to assume on any one's sexuality? I realize he's acting, but I still get the "vibe." Just my thought.

When are folks gonna stop hatin' on other folks for being different then themselves? I did go to church today, so lemme shut up 'fore I negate my own argument. There's nothing else pertinent on my mind, so I won't waste more words by rambling.


Darius T. Williams said...

You're right about Katt...we need to give it a break and grow up. But yea, he did play that role of a choir director waaaaay to well!

Anonymous said...

Yo, Ian! I read all of Darian's posts just last night, and I saw that about both Katt and Blake. Both of those pieces really stirred something in me too! Somebody called Katt Williams a genius - but how much genius does it take to rehash those same old tired, unimaginative jokes the so-called "comics" use when they hold gay folk up as laugh material? That's what they all fall back on when they can't come up with anything fresh and innovative. And I really no longer care - very much - about folk who choose not to come out. If Wilson is gay or not, it's his own business, and Bobby Blake damned well OUGHT to be a comic. What exactly is he now a "preacher" of when he spends his time hatin' on "effeminate" brothas & sowing discord and division. How funny is that? I normally don't get into quoting scriptures too much, but doesn't the bible say we shall know the true believers by their fruits? What's Blake produced lately? Another porn tape? Let me get off my soapbox - hey, THANKS FOR THE LOVE, BROTHA ! ! ! Peace, Corey!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying Feedly. My only problem with it is that Feedly recommends other blogs that I might enjoy (which I do) and so now I'm in blog overload. There's no way I can keep up on reading them all. Today I'm starting to pare them down. But you know, there's no way I'll pare down the ones with or written by hot men of color!

ToddyEnglish said...

I remember when I saw Kat Williams in "Friday After Next" in the bathroom with Terry Crews...I kept wanting them to kiss and for Terry to top Katt like a real man should!

::bats innocent eyelashes::

LOL...but Katt does give me serious T-Waves.

Anyway, love your blog too boo! I check in daily! MUAH!


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