Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Yes, I'm Gay"

Was there ever any doubt? No big news here.

Now before folks get on the Clay Aiken bashing bandwagon, let me throw my two cents in. Clay Thank God, literally, you came to accept yourself as who you are.

As we all know, the road to self-acceptance for folks who sleep with the same gender usually ain't easy. Society, family, friends, hell, even the gay community makes it difficult. Remember the backlash N'stink boy band member Lance Bass was welcomed to when he came out?

Queer folks will bitch at you for being in the closet, then denigrate and hate when you finally do kick open the door, wondering why it took so long. Where's the happy medium? Is there any wonder why people stay in denial?

Whatever Clay's impetus to come clean, I only hope he can find peace and happiness. I'm not a fan, but now is the time to embrace his decision, welcome him into the fold, and show love. No chastising. No criticism. No dirty words. No negativity. Period. Now is the time for unity, support, and encouragement.

So from me to you, Clay...Welcome.


Darius T. Williams said...

Ha - nah, this was noooo surprise!

nudeindc said...

I love the way you're thinking. We spend way too much time criticizing and not nearly enough accepting each other and ourselves. Thankfully, Clay has taken one step in that direction.

Corey said...

I LIKE your positivity! It's inspiring.

ToddyEnglish said...

I am so glad Clay FINALLY came out. His delusional fans needed a reality Not being shady but I wonder how many of them are burning his albums?
For what it is worth I am so glad he came out. The more celebs come out the more people will HAVE to accept that their sons, daughters, cousins, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews are gay. And I am glad he is going to raise his baby in honesty.

On that note I think I may artificially inseminate if I ever opt for children.


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