Tuesday, September 9, 2008

T.J. Holmes

This post goes out to the French Fry Texan, as promised....

Perhaps one of the best news anchors in broadcast media (in my humble opinion), T.J. Holmes is one damn fine-ass looker. You can catch him on CNN Weekend Morning Edition Saturday and Sundays. Two of the photographs below picture T. J. with his weekend co-host Betty Nguyen and also interviewing actress Victoria Rowell.

T.J. had been dating Chili from TLC awhile back, not sure if they still are or not, and I read he has a daughter. Who care's if he's straight?!? While it may cause some sexual frustration, it never hurts to look. Or fantasize. Right, Fry-guy?

Now I can hear Hester's voice in my head even as I type this. She'll read this tomorrow and accuse "Oh God, Not another pretty boy!" Given her tastes for rough looking dirty boys, our tastes in men differ significantly. Yet, I challenge my sister to catch T.J. this weekend, listen to that smooth as silk voice of his for 10 seconds, then form an opinion. He's the total package, baby!

What say the rest of you about Mr. Holmes?


Darius T. Williams said...

Yes - oh yea, I see him all the time when I'm in the gym. Um...me likey!

Darktomahawk said...

Yeah, me likely too. Most definitely!

Lucky you for working out at the same gym, but Darius, you can't just leave me hanging. I need details bro! Hot details. Is he friendly? How sexy is he with all that sweat? What he wearing? DETAILS!!! Hahaha. Kidding.

Actually, no, I'm not! Cough up the answers. LOL.

Lady Miss T said...

He alright. Not sure I like his nose from the front. There is some other chocolate hottie on CNN I like much better but his name escapes me right now.

J. Clarence said...

You know until now I have never looked at him in a sexual way--I just tend to stay away from straight guys, because there is reward in that--however now that you have brought him up, I have to say he is cute and sexy. A fine dresser too.

I love CNN, sexiest male anchors around.

ToddyEnglish said...

Oh my god I Looooooove TJ Holmes! He is the only reason I watch CNN on Saturday mornings! LOL. I love the heavy voice and those sexy bedroom eyes. Oh my goodness I feel a case of the vapors comin on!
hahaha. Yeah he is a hot boy.

Anonymous said...

Damn! A man can't get more handsome than that!


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