Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Evening's Song

Listening to the chirping of crickets, grasshoppers, and other things that go bump in the night, I ponder where summer went? 2008 seems to be making a beeline for the history books, doesn't it? But as the old folks used to say, "enjoy each moment, each day while you're young. Life will start to go by quickly as the years pass." True.

The evenings are often my most reflective times. Winding down from the day, everything I coulda and shoulda done haunts me. I suppose everyone else gets like this too, huh?

Now it doesn't mean I get all maudlin or morose. No, not at all, but I might chastise myself for missed opportunities. But as my friend Marv is often fond of saying, "Regret is like peeing on yourself. It's messy and it serves no real purpose." Again, true. So true.

This evening, I'm thinking of Grace and Providence. Instead of being too wrapped up in things I cannot control, I accept the things I can, and thank God for blessings He has given me. The situation could always be worse. Life turns on a dime and nothing is guaranteed. I'm learning to be thankful for what I have right here, right now. When I stop and think, I have everything I need right now. Yeah, I might not have all that I want, but God has provided everything I need.
Besides, to quote my mum, "You're old enough to not let your warns hurt you."

I can tell I'm getting older. I keep quoting the wisdom that irritated me as a youth! Perhaps it means I'm on the right path after all. My daddy used to say"Tomorrow is never promised to anyone. Live for today, save for tomorrow." Meaning take advantage of what you have in the moment. Don't wait for that magical someday for everything to be perfect...

Yeah, I'm rambling, but it makes sense in my head. Maybe you catch my drift and understand where I'm comin' from tonight? If so, these words are meant to inspire you as much as myself.

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