Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where Is You? Where Is You At?

I've become too complacent with life lately, like I'm not living up to the challenge.

I'm not sure how to put into words what I'm thinking, I just know something seems to be missing. Perhaps it's time for a change of venue? Do I need to move to the big city again? Not sure. I do better in smaller communities, but living in New York, DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, some place large, would definitely put forth new opportunities. However, this would require stepping out of the box, outside of my comfort zone.

In order to grow and further expand my horizons, I need to be prepared to do difficult and uncomfortable changes. I'd like a better relationship to the communities I connect with and in my current situation, I'm left wanting. I don't like changes though. Yet life is too short to live in fear. And on that matter, what is it I'm afraid of? True independence? Success? Being alone? Ridicule for failure? Maybe all the above.

Change is necessary. Change is good. With God all things are possible if we truly believe, right? Perhaps this is a test of faith? Something to think and pray on in the days ahead.

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