Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thoughts Before Bed

I need to get my arse to bed, but I've got the midnight munchies. Shame, really, because there isn't a thing in the house to snack on. Yeah, I could eat a piece o' fruit, but my sugar tooth is screaming for chocolate! So to prevent myself from raiding the fridge, I hopped on to blog a thought or two. Not much is going on in my world in a few days.

As much as I love summer, I'm grateful autumn came. There's something titillating about Fall. The changing leaves, football games, cooler temps, apple cider, chili, my mum's homemade soups... makes me nostalgic!

Waking up the past few mornings, it's been crisp. My car was frosted over this morning when I left for physical therapy and rehab. While it's not cold enough to turn on the heat, temps dropped into the low 50s, high 40s, requiring heavier blankets. No more sleeping in just boxers and t-shirts; time to drag out the flannel sweats.

In other areas, Artie and I are still talkin'; finally got to meet up for our lunch date. That went well. He's a good guy, small, funny, intelligent, and from our short conversations and meetings, I can tell he gets me. I found out, though, Arturo discovered my (d'oh!) blog. Not sure what embarrassing confessions he's read, but I'm denying everything! Hehehe. I'm hiding all the bodies in the garage! Ha! No, I know he knows I'm just being real. It's a bit unnerving because he potentially knows waaay more about me than I him, but he still seems interested. And hey, if it doesn't work out, at least I gained a new friend, right?

Soooooo.... my discussion about Arturo will be limited out respect for his privacy. Not a problem. Actually, I've contemplated stop blogging altogether (at least on the Axe). Possibly might merge my two endeavors, Chocolate Salsa and Weilding The Axe, into one new blogging venture. Juggling two blogs is a bit tedious, and besides, not many people are reading. I feel obligated to write a post at least every other day, yet my life is too bland. My words too inept to express what's rattling around in my brain. Every time I go to blog about something in pop or political culture, somebody else has penned it better. I dunno. We'll see what happens.

Combining the two blogs will kill readership with my friends who read at work or who are straight guys. A merger with Chocolate Salsa would expose my straight counterparts to, gasp, penises other than their own! Oh the horror! Can't imagine my straight buddies, no matter how confident in their sexuality, dealing too well with perpetual displays of penises. While most of the women I know aren't preoccupied with seeing one, caring that it works and does the job right, I know they wouldn't be offended by a dick! So what to do???



Darius T. Williams said...

Sweet tooth, huh? I know exactly how that feels. I usually resort to drinking water or eating a popsicle and calling it a night.

real said...

water. yuck. popsickle. cruel.
my vote: dont merge, keep writing, both. both sides gettn satisfied.

Corey said...

I really enjoy Weilding The Axe. This particular post is wonderful, especially the beginning as you waxed poetic about fall (and Arturo). As so many have told me, DON'T WORRY about how somebody ELSE has done something, just DO YOU! I know that is what you will eventually do - is YOU - but don't stop blogging - you do it SO WELL!


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