Monday, September 8, 2008


Despite historical markers these last two weeks, there was no significant contribution I could blog. Quite honestly, desire faded and I got a serious case of "lazy." My new health regiment started and when I get home in the afternoon, all I wanna do is sleep. In many ways, I feel like I went back to work!

So how y'all been? Haven't read anybody's blog in days and am behind in your thoughts. Thanks go out to a couple buds who keep in contact through email when they don't hear from yours truly in a while. Biggest thanks go to a certain French Fry lovin' Texan! Gotta special post for you later bruh...

Wow! Weren't the last two weeks inspiring? The Democratic Convention, Barack's acceptance speech, McCain picking a woman for Veep, the Republican much going on in the country. The political battle is on! Last night I watched a rerun of CNN's special Barack Obama Revealed. It gave clarification to a few things, made me question a thing or two, but over all gave more depth to the man...very insightful.

A question to anybody who watched both the Dems and Reps Conventions. First is it me or did Michelle Obama's brother Craig seem like "family" to anyone else besides me? I got that vibe. Second, Lindsay more need be said! Creep factor indeed. I'll digress on comment about Sarah Palin. Let it be known though, folks, she's no Hillary substitute!

Regular blog posts resume as of today. I'll try to catch up with my opinions on current events, including personal life moments, soon as I can.

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Darius T. Williams said...

Yea, I was wondering where the hell you had been...get back into the game Pa - get back into the game!


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