Tuesday, December 13, 2011

He's in the Details....And Facebook!

A friend of mine claims that "Facebook is the Devil." I often tease and disagree with him, but last night I came into situation that gave me pause to reconsider....

Now I won't say exactly what happened, but it was a sitch said friend's his boyfriend pointed out to me. It kinda left me scratching my temple doing a double take...One of those moments where you really understand your true place in the Universe, when she comes on by, knocks on the door, and says "Hello." Ouch! It wasn't a cute moment. I truly realized how sometimes social networking can be cruel and isolating at times.

I must confess, however, before the Universe's social slam I was beginning to tire Facebook. The damn thing become MySpace. When I joined, I only accept friend requests from people I knew, and so I thought, what most people did. Now, like MySpace, Facebook is becoming the competition of how many friends one can accumulate. Oh look I have 8 billion friends to your 300. Uh huh. I'm really considering deleting the damn thing.

So what's stopping me? Hm. Well, I suppose the thought of not being in the mix of things, being in the know. With some of my friends the only way I do keep in contact is with their post on Facebook since they never take the time pick up the phone to call or email. Of course, going back to the friend that initiated this post, he would say the phone works both ways. And he would be correct in that assertion. But everyone wants to feel important and often enough I feel like I'm the one always making the effort to stay in touch. If you miss me enough, you can contact me! Your fingers ain't broke! I can call three, four, five times....LOL. Yeah I know. Issues and drama. Social networking is not all that it's cracked up to be.

I think I'm starting not to like the information-technology age. Phooey!


Wonder Man said...

oh stop, it's fun

Roger Poladopoulos said...

I feel you in this, my blogger brother. I gave up on FB a couple of years ago. What price progress?


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