Friday, December 9, 2011

Really Now?

"If U got a long dick like my man, God has blessed U with a special tool U can't get in the stores. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Holla!"

A friend of mine posted this to his Facebook page. Bemused at first, seriousness crept in, and I began to not laugh so much. I mean really? Is that all that there is to gay life for my friend, just a big dick attached to a body. So you don't care about deep convos before fallin' asleep? No humor? No laughs? No time enjoyin' one another's company? All that matters is inches in his pants? Huh.

Now don't get me wrong. I do believe a dick is a beautiful thang, in any shape or size. My question is what do you do when not using the salami? Burp it and put it bed? Maybe I'm having one of those uppity mid-life moments again. LOL Been having those a lot lately. Staring youth in the face and shaking my head, not necessarily in disgust, but in disbelief. Then again, I wonder... Was I ever that conceited at his age (22) ????

Naaaaah. I bet I was worse! LOL


ReclusiveOne said...

So are you saying we all grow out of it? Please say yes! LOL

Roger Poladopoulos said...

Great post, my friend! Humorous and provocative! Were all of us as bad as you at age 22? Probably! Happily, some of us still are! LOL!

Pharaoh said...

Facebook's the devil! LOL I hear you but give your friend the benefit of the doubt...I don't think that DICK is ALL there is to his life....he might have just been having a moment. The real immature part of all that is that he shared it openly with the devil. (Posted it on Facebook.)
NO, most don't grow out of it, just learn better ways of dealing with and expressing it.


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