Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goodbye November! We Hardly Knew Ye!

Can you believe we're into December tomorrow? Where did the month go??? Seems like yesterday was just Halloween. But the Holidays are in full swing and soon we'll be saying Happy New Year. Wow. I think I'm just not ready...

So far for this month I did make some progress with my weight loss goals. It's tough and even more during the Holiday season. Thankfully I didn't go hog wild at the dinner table last week. The real challenge will start from here on out because December tends to be the free for all with snacks, treats, and goodies galore all month long. UGH! Help a fat man thru it Lawd!

I'm certain a l'il determination, denial, deep faith---the Triple D Approach, will help me come through unscathed. I hate trying to lose weight during this toughest season, but shoot! I need to get right with my body and stop treating it like a garbage dump and more like the TEMPLE it should be.

Nuff said.


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Roger Poladopoulos said...

Stay positive and focused, my friend! Best wishes!


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