Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Heavy Is The Head...

That Wears The Crown.

One ain't never told a lie with that expression!

This morning and day appears to be promising. I have a busy agenda at work today, one of which is hiring two new employees to help with astronomical building work load. I already had my interviews with the candidates and have to present my facts to my supervisor this afternoon, then let personnel know. I'm responsible for this decision. Baby, I'm sweatin' bullets over it too!

It hasn't been an easy choice. Each of the candidates interviewed well, but I can only choose two. Hardest still, one interviewee is a FRIEND. I can't play favorites. I really have to separate friendship from professionalism, but dude does have a big chance of grabbing the prize. I just have to let the overall facts convince me if he's best suited for the position. Let things speak for themselves.

Lord. This is my first real test as a supervisor. What if I choose unwisely? And in this economy, good jobs are hard to come by. This is someone's life at stake, possibly! Help me Lord! LOL

Ultimately, I'm grateful for this experience. It's not an obstacle I can't overcome. Usually I'm a good judge of character. As I'm getting ready this morning, I think I already know who I'm selecting, so I'm not gonna invest anymore worry than I have to.

Wish me luck!

In Hope & Faith,

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Roger Poladopoulos said...

Good luck and remember: not only is it a heavy crown to wear, it's also very lonely at the top! Do your best and keep on rolling, man!


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