Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coming Home To Roost

Poor Herman. "Brutha" just can't catch a break. But then as I've heard, he shouldn't blame racism, right? Hmph. I've kept my mouth shut until now.

Until his scandal came out the woodwork, I seriously thought the Party of Hate might nominate Cain as their presidential nominee, but with evidence pointing information about Cain's alleged harassment improprieties was released from someone in his own party...well I guess they were trying to make sure that doesn't happen.

For the most, I ignore Herman Cain. In contest between him and Obama, does Cain honestly believe he'd beat 44? HONESTLY? I'm jus' asking the question. If he says 'yes," there's definitely an inflated ego goin' on, IMHO.

So, will Herman bounce back from all of this? Will he achieve the golden prize of the GOP nomination? As a friend of mine is apt to say, "All is yet to be revealed....."

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