Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Morning After

The Rays gave the Phillies a run for the money last night, but in the end, Philadelphia held on to their 3-2 lead and won Game 1 of the World Series.

Rays batters like BJ Upton and Carl Crawford are gonna be fierce competitors against Phillies' pitchers. Damn! Those brothers swing their bats with a mission. There's another Rays player, forget his name, but he's an Asian player and he was getting some base hits. So this ain't gonna be a cakewalk for the Phils. The Rays want this. The Phillies want this. It's a matter of who wants it more...

While watching the World Series, I was also flipping back and forth between CNN, and MSNBC. Larry King Live had on his panel, of all people, turncoat Lynn Swan. Now this has to be the whitest black man in America next to OJ Simpson! Gr! Swan needs to go sit in a corner somewhere and shut the hell up. He's still smarting his loss as Pennsylvania's Governor back in 2006. Though he's a Republican, these good folks of PA know Lynn Swan is fulla shit. N-word please! Please turn in your Black man carrying card status card now!

Thanks to Lady Miss T, Keith Olbermann and The Rachel Maddow Show have fast become two must-see programs over on MSNBC. Anderson 360 on CNN is starting to feel trite. To be honest, I'm overdosing on Election coverage. As I've read on more than a few blogs, "We're ready to vote! Enough News Media spinning already!"

The turnout for early voting has been phenomenal! I'm surprised how impassioned folks are this Election season. Wow! Truly surprised. More and more in my neighbor, the McCain signs are disappearing, and the Obama signs are out in full force. And believe me, theiving and vandalism has nothing to do with it. Folks, in the final days, are latching on to Obama's message. A'ight. I don't care when you get with the program, just as long as you do.

Now, I'm not sure if PA if having early elections (probably) or not, but I'm waiting to cast my vote on November 4th. My polling station is up the street and I plan to be there, promptly, at 7:00 AM. Might arrive at 6:00 AM just in case their might be a long line.

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Anonymous said...

I voted early yesterday...for Obama of course!


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