Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sushi For Two Plus More

Ugh! I'm still getting over a nasty cold. What's worse, a cold in the fall or the winter? I was knocked on my ass most of last weekend. Monday was an iffy day, but yesterday I felt good enough to go out with Hester for sushi. Come Hell or Highwater, sushi is my best friend and any opportunity I can get, sick or not, I'm there.

The restaurant had an all-you-can-eat sushi feature, but I wasn't up to gorging myself. Instead, Hester and I ordered a beautiful sushi for two platter. It came with Miso soup and a light cucumber salad. Very refreshing. I tend to eat sushi rolls more than nigiri or sashimi, but last night I wolfed down everything put in front of me.

Overall, I think we had a good time, met new folks, and engaged in stimulating intellectual conversation. While most topics stayed away from the Presidential race, people obviously made there opinion's known. Hester wore her Obama pin on her coat and I noticed more than a few smiles and gleeful expressions. One person (Hillary supporter) at our table went so far as saying while he's really not happy with Obama, he's anti-McCain, therefore casting his vote on the democratic ticket regardless.

'S OK. You don't have to love "Barry" to vote for him, just do your part to ensure McCain doesn't win next month. (Can you believe the election is a little over a month away? Where did 2008 go people???)

Tomorrow's Vice Presidential debates should be interesting to say the least. I wonder how old girl will perform? Hester, Miss T, Arturo, and I are supposed to watch the debates over dinner at Hester's house. I'm a bit nervous because this will the first meeting of my friends for Artie. He's smart, witty, and down to Earth. Artie should be able to pass inspection and gain approval. He's a good sell, LOL, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't holding my breath until the initial contact has been made. Hester and T are the two best judges of character I know. They'll see through any bullshit (certainly did with Napoleon)....

Baseball playoffs are on! I'm ecstatic the Phillies won the National League East Division two years in a row! Hopefully they can go past the first round this year. First match up is with the Brewers. I think the game is this afternoon in Philly.

Gotta get off to rehab therapy. I'm not in the mood for it to be honest, but...C'est la vie. If I wanna get back into the game, I gotta do the required work, right?



Darius T. Williams said...

I can't wait for the debates tomorrow - but um, you can keep that sushi!

real said...

i hear that dtw. i eat it also, but it's dipped in corn meal and deep fried first!!!!LOL!

good to know you're feeling better dark. but i'm still gone kick your butt.

ToddyEnglish said...

When I was 12 I almost choked on some sushi...

True story.

Which explains my phobia of raw fish and seaweed!


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