Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terrence Howard

A continuance post pertaining to Terrence I did this morning over on Chocolate & Salsa blog; this one little less risqué.

Now in my humble, esteemed, opinion, there's nothing better than a sharp dressed man. Brother Howard definitely has that going on. However,Terrence as a person runs hot and cold with me, which detracts from his outer handsome appeal. Some days I respect his talent and others, well, he just gets dissed. There's no dispute Terrence is a talented actor. The verdict is till out on his singing for me personal, but I'm trying to give him a chance.

In past interviews, he's described himself as "Bible-based" when asked about homosexuality. A chill ran up my spine. A sense of intolerance perhaps? While he admits to having character flaws and "sin" himself, something doesn't sit well with me. While I consider myself Christian, I feel the Bible has been used as a tool to hurt and reinforce the hatred of others; sexual descrimination, racial discrimination, whatever... In these matters, where does Terrence stand?

Oh well. If I had a nickel for every person I took issue with, I'd be a rich man.

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