Thursday, October 30, 2008


The past few days have been annoying as hell. My computer is having all kinda problems and I'm ready to drop kick it out the window.

Sorry Darius. You caught me dead to rights. I wanted to throw a couple thoughts up last night, but my old Dell wasn't havin' it. Time for an upgrade, right? Well if I could afford one, I would've by now.

So after 28 years, the Phillies are one again the World Champions of Major League Baseball. I heard Philly was unhinged last night. Both Miss T and I cried tears of joy last night. Now if we can feel this way on Tuesday.

Speaking of Barack, what did people think on his commercial last night? I watched parts of it, but walked out the room a few times. I hope the commercial did some good. My thing is, if you don't know by now who you want to vote for, then when will you??? The Election is five days away, and by all means, I'm glad. Tired of waiting, but now I'm so overdosed on all the news media channels, it's ridiculous...

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