Monday, October 6, 2008

Swing And A Miss...

As the Tampa Bay Rays take their American League Division Series with a defeat over the Chicago White Sox, let me express my condolences to Senator Obama and the rest of the ChiSox fans. It's gotta be tough now that both the Cubs and the Sox are out.

Boston and the Angels go next. As much as the Boston fan in me wants them to win, my heart goes out to Tampa Bay who has never seen at World Series. I've relatives on both sides of the Bay, in Tampa and St Pete, so I know folks must be ecstatic the Rays have made it this far.

Speaking of celebrations, with the Phillies' win over the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday, Philadelphia fans haveta be beaming with pride, naturellement, despite the Eagles loss to the Washington Redskins. That's the problem when you have two or more sports running concurrently. My theory is no two Philadelphia sport franchises can win the same day.

Putting negativity aside, the Phillies' next opponent will be the Dodgers for the National League Championship. Definitely not a free ticket to go to the World Series, especially now powerhouse Manny Ramirez is in Dodger Blue. The Rays will face whoever wins between the Red Sox and the Angels (Are they the LA, California, or Anaheim Angels now? Hahahaha!).

Baseball needs fresh blood injected into the game. My prediction is the Rays will make it to the big show. Nothing against Boston, but they've won twice this decade (I'm not complaining) and I think baseball needs diversity to keep interest up. We'll see I s'pose. Until then...

Congratulation to the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays!


Cocoa Rican said...

Go Yankees!
...oh wait...we're already through!

Darius T. Williams said...

You know - I think people are really upset about this here in Chicago. Me, um, not so much - I could care a lick about baseball.

Darktomahawk said...

Cocoa..Yankees are long since done (I miss "Jete" though! Gimme my Jete! I want my Jete! Gotta have Jeter, LOL!)

Darius...Hush yo mouth! Oh the agony! A non-follower! Seriously though, I can understand, baseball can be tedious at times...still some of the guys are hot!

real said...

all y'all need to stop crying in your beer. could be worse. like in H-Town where these mo-fo's (Texans, Rockets, Dis-Ass-Stros etc...) caint win a game if they wanted to.

rican, uh, das a nice pic boi!

Darktomahawk said...

Real...your boys turn will come SOMEDAY. Keep the faith!

I'll second you on Cocoa Rican's photo...steamy hot!


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