Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three Up, One To Go

Last night's match up between the Phillies and the Dodgers was a nail biter. I was yelling and cussing, throwing shit across the room the whole night. Had to turn the game off in certain spots.

The Dodgers fought hard. To their credit, the sea of Dodgers' Blue in the stadium musta had a powerful effect on the club. These boys aren't going down without a fight.

I stayed up to watch the final score, so I'm tired this morning, but grateful I stayed up. At one point when the Phils were down 5-3 in the Eight inning with several Dodgers on base, I was tempted to go to bed and wait until Game 5 for the Phillies to redeem themselves. Boy why did I ever doubt?!?! Philadelphia ain't nicknamed the Fightin' Phils for nothing.

Still, I have to admit this series is difficult viewing. If the Phillies weren't contenders, I'd root for the Dodgers. They're a good ball club and I know it's been a number of years since they've seen a World Series (can't recall when, off-hand). But the Phillies are my hometown team. Got root for the hometown boys; get enough flack for being a Pittsburgh Steelers over in football. (You better believe if the Eagles had a shot going to the Super Bowl this year, I'd support 'em. Despair not true Steelers fans, the way Philly's been playin' this season, the chance is slim to none!)

The next schedule Championship Series Game is scheduled for tomorrow. Doubt I'll watch the whole way through, instead tuned into to the final Presidential Debate. With each passing day, my confidence increases Barack may have this, but I digress, lest I bring bad luck on the brother. Fear not though, I'll jump back to the Game when McCain speaks. There's nothing "Barney Rubble" has to say I wanna hear, LOL...

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