Saturday, February 2, 2008

Watching Warriors Clash? Probably Not.

Since tomorrow is Super Bowl XLII, an unofficial American holiday I suppose, I've decided to post some hunks of the turf. I'm not rooting for either team New England nor New York, I probably won't even watch. Maybe I'll peek here and there to catch the score, but watchingfrom start to finish? Nah.

Football is OK, just not my favorite sport. I have to be honest and admit unless Pittsburgh is playing, I only watch the game for the masculine eye candy. Yeah, "what a fag, huh?" I make no apologies.

Most of my friends, gay or straight, have little to no interest in football. E.J. and Brother Soulman are the ones I can count on that'll be glued to the television tomorrow evening. These manly men type eye shit like this up. (E.J. I've heard you in action with your buddies, you guys talk about sports like Hester and I talk about our reality TV shows. Don't deny it brother! You can't help you're straight. It's in the genes, LOL.)

I have better things to do, like read a book. Besides I just got my newest Netflix films. I rented Looking for Langston and Brother to Brother, two highly recommended gay Black cinema pieces. Looking for Langston is about Langston Hughes and I think deals with his homosexuality. I've never scene the film, only heard bits and pieces here and there. Leoban suggested I check it since he knows how much I like Langston's work. Time to stimulate the intellectual grey matter.

So who will you be rooting for?

If I must give my endorsement, let New York win it. The New England Patriots always seem to hover around the Super Bowl. I'm sick of them. I'm no big fan of Tom Brady. I think he's over hyped. Whoever wins, I'm sure football fans will be drinking, overeating, and complaining about bad calls, and doing the "Monday Morning Quaterback" thing at work the next day.

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