Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thunder Go BOOM!

Sleeping the sleep of angels this morning, I was awakened to a loud thunder clap. It was so loud I seriously thought there had been a terrorist attack on TMI (Three Mile Island)! It scared the shit out of me. Taking a moment or two to adjust, I realized it was only thunder, especially that lightening flashed a few moments later....sheesh.

Our weather has been bizarre lately. I was telling Heinz not long ago we've had near record highs when we in the high 60s degree mark last week. Earlier this week we had record cold temperatures with the wind chill, -7 degrees. On Sunday it was sunny one moment, then we had a snow squall the next. Yesterday it snowed more than was predicted, then sleeted and rained frozen rain. This morning the brief, but scary, thunder snow-rain. WTF! I'm sure my religious friends are seeing this as a sign for the End Days. With that thunder clap a few moments ago, I'd believe it too.

I'm mad at Mother Nature! Not because the inclement weather, but because she interrupted my dream this morning. Damn. I was dreaming about a crush I had had many years ago. It was one of my vivid dreams, so realistic, I really thought I was awake. I was sad to see the dream end.

Now, we all have someone in our life that we wonder "what if?" Seib is mine. I don't know why I was thinking about him this morning. I haven't seen him probably in 18 years. We went to high school together and Seib was in the class under me, in my sister Rina's class. Seib was the kindest, sweetest guy, I knew then and I think fondly of him. He was gentle and passionate about life. He wanted to go into politics (maybe because yesterday was the Potomac Primaries, I had the dream???) and was popular. We had a few classes together, including my American Government, Driver's Ed, Sex Ed, and several PE classes. We were also on the wrestling team together. More on that in a moment.

Waking up, I'm enlightened with an "a-ha!" moment. Peeling back the cloud over the years, kicking myself for not knowing then, my sweet friend Seib must have been gay. Why didn't I realize it then?!?! Granted, I wasn't out until I started creepin' in college, but all the indicators were there. For both of us! Seib was gay. He has to be! How do I know? For the same reason any of the guys I knew back then were, you just have a feeling. Looking at how I behaved, dressed, and conveyed myself, and making the comparison to how Seib was too, yes, I'll be very surprised if he isn't gay. It's all about the common traits. Gaydar, I guess. Right?

Seib was a sweet guy. No, not the negative connotation of sweet, but tender and compassionate. I don't know how to put the emotion into words. We were good friends and spent a great deal of time together. The fact I still think about him after two! It boggles my imagination.

Seib is white, not that it matters. He was handsome and pretty at the same time. Seib had the most beautiful hazel green eyes and a mop of thick black hair. He had an above average body, but not too overdeveloped.

I swear he could have been a poster boy. When I read Jim Provenzano's Pins, I envisioned the central character, Joey, based on my friend Seib's body build and personality.

My 20 year reunion is this year. I think Seib's brother, "Jericho," was in my class. I'll have to pull out my yearbook and check. If so, this gives me more reason to attend my high school reunion. I gotta get in touch with Gr... Seib, I mean (if you're reading this blog, Seib, contact me! I've given enough clues about who I am to those who are in the know, to figure out who I am). There is only one other guy I think about more than Seib, and that's our fellow wrestling teammate, Devan (a biracial guy, again not that it matters). He's another guy who makes me weak thinking about him...

I'll have to finish this post latter because I need to get ready for work. It's gonna be treacherous this morning with all the ice! More on this later.

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