Friday, February 1, 2008

"Go Home!"

Those were my boss' exact words this morning when I tried to go to work. While he didn't have to ask me twice, I was a little annoyed because I managed to trek through the icy weather to drive to work only to turn around and go home again. It's all well and good, though, because I have no voice. I sound like a scratchy cat trying to claw from underneath a pile of cinder blocks! Eek!

My sister-in-love, Hester, is going to make me homemade soup for dinner. Ahhh. She's a damn good cook. Between the two of us, WildChylde's, my conceptualized soul/home-style restaurant, just might become a reality!

Anyway, so now I do have a credible excuse if my posts are lite for the next couple of days. As per Greg's request, there will be plenty of eye candy. I've been feelin' kinda amorous (if you know what I mean) so yeah, some visual crack will be good for this lonely, sick child. I'll start it off with some celebrity posts, how's that sound?

I've been tryin' to add a pic or two for this post, but blogger is actin' weird again! "Foul besotted demon! Be gone with thee to the places and pith of Hell from whence you came!" Dammit Blogger, work!

Ah well, I'll be back on later with a vengeance...

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