Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gay Demon

I might end up scaring half my readership away with this next statement, but the man on the bike ain't me!

I like to get an idea of who's reading the blog and where you're all coming from. Tonight someone arrived from Gay Demon, so I decided to check it on. I was always aware of the Gay Demon site, but never really investigated the place. I took a moment to read the editor's review of my blog.
Wow, I'm touched. I laughed though. My dear fellow got the impression my biker fellow and I are one in the same. We share the same complexion, copper, but no, uh-uh, he ain't me.

Now don't be afraid though. I'm not some garden troll, as hard as I am on myself, I've gotten many compliments. We all have self-image issues and I'm no different. This statement is for anyone shallow out there having fantasies about the 'tomahawk and stop reading based on my personal appearance. Go ahead, have your fantasies. Just know you're thinking about that model above and not I!

I might post my picture on the blog, someday. Or for the adventurous, you can attempt to find my My Space profile. Good Luck though. I have it under a different email address and a different user handle. I'll give you a clue if you really want to know. Every now and again, I do drop my real name on here. I am not sure you'll find it, but do you care that much anyway? LOL.

I'm "Darktomahawk" mostly on the places I go on the 'Net though, just not on My Space. The Axe is very candid about events in my life. I talk openly about people and myself. To respect their privacy, mine too, I've made this semi-anonymous. Assume that I'm suing nicknames for people when I refer to them. Sometimes I don't. Only my real-time friends and maybe fellow bloggers or e-mailers I've corresponded with know who's who.

But thanks to whoever reviewed me over at Gay Demon! I owe you. Maybe I'll fork over some nudie pictures I've taken of guys I slept (you'll won't get me doing that!). Some of them do look like Biker dude above, and better. Sizzlin'.

G'night folks.

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