Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How Did Obama Do?

For reasons only known unto Heaven, I woke up coughing again and couldn't fall back asleep. That makes two nights in a row. I need to climb back under the covers soon; I have to face the tyranny of my employer later. Yesterday was my first day back from being off sick. It felt like I never left.

So, I went to bed shortly after America Idol last night. I was too tired to blog, plus, my emotions are kinda all over the place, and I didn't want my rampant negativity spilling out on to the Axe. Since bedding early, I'm wondering how well Barack did on Super Tuesday. I did see on CNN before retiring Senator Clinton was kicking tail in some of the southern states. He was doing well in Georgia though. What about the rest of the South?

I'm not surprised if Obama faired poorly there. I won't comment any further lest I become insulting.

No offense, but I'm tired of the political squabbling already. I've paid attention to the debates, have heard the accusations and mudslinging, the banter back and forth, the mud-rucking, tit for tat between Clinton and Obama. Its not doing anything to help the Democrats chances of winning the Presidency. Unfortunately, I put this out here and now, I'm afraid if Senator Clinton wins the Democratic Presidential Candidate nomination, we might as well say "Good Morning, President McCain."

Again, no offense. I like Hillary. I met her when she visited my grandmother's church many years ago as First Lady. I have nothing but respect for the woman. However, there are far too many Americans, Democrats included, that HATE her with a passion. I know several of my friends who'd vote Republican sooner than see her reach the Oval Office.

So, this is, in part, one reason why I support Barack Obama. Plus I like what he stands for. My thoughts on either Clinton or Obama being elected hinder on the slim to none, but November is a far off time yet. Who knows what could happen between now and then to change the tide. Like most Americans, and the world I suppose, I'll just have to keep watching.

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