Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some Sun(jata) For An Icy Day

Thank Goodness the Powers That Be gave us a two hour delay this morning due to icy weather conditions.

Instead of getting ready, however, I'm putzing around on the computer. Don't worry, I'll get ready in a few minutes. I still have plenty of time to get ready.

I intend breaking my Lenten vow giving up eating McDonald's fast food also because I need breakfast and I won't have time (nor do I want to risk slipping and sliding going) to go the grocery store. I'll say an extra prayer of penance later this evening. God will understand.

Anyway, this post this morning is for Aaron, who I discovered, is as much of a Daniel Sunjata fan as I am. Daniel is soooo dreamy. Ah!

When I get home I'll finish etching out my dreams and recollection of my high school wrestling teammates. It'll prove interesting, plus I still owe Greg my Red Lobster encounter with Freddie...

Till then, enjoy Daniel!

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