Thursday, September 27, 2007

Top Of The 9th Inning

So as baseball season is in the home stretch of the regular season, I have to admit I haven't been a very loyal fan to my teams this season. Despite my fare weather fan status, two of my teams look to possibly move on to the playoffs, The BoSox and the Phillies. The Phillies are currently a game back in the Wildcard Race and The Boston Red Sox look to clinch American League East Division.

Los Angeles. The Dodgers are 7 games back in the Wildcard and 8 games back from first in the NL West, giving them no chance to go into post-season play. Even if miracles could happen for them, the regular season at best, has only four games left with today, tomorrow, and the weekend. Possibly if they had some doubleheader games, LA could make it, but I'm not sure if they have any make up games or not, and the likelihood is improbable.

I don't want to get on anyone's bandwagon yet, especially the Phillies. The Phils are notorious for giving up the ghost in the final hour. They need to win their last four games and hope both the Padres and and Mets lose at least two games each. The Mets play one game against the St. "Screw-Us" Cardinals, then face the Marlins for the weekend. The Phils have one more game today with Hotlanta, then fend off the Nationals. I'm crossing my fingers because the Nats are unpredictable. They won't go down easily

Let's not forget Atlanta, hoping for a run. Just don't count them out yet! They play the Astros this weekend. I'm not sure how Houston will fare against The Braves. My only consolation is if Atlanta makes the playoffs, they die in the first round as they always do...

The Gods of Baseball will have to dispense special blessing on the City of Brotherly Love for the remote hope of playoff play. There are too many variables in baseball to predict how anything will turn out, but I live for this time of year. I'm excited for October Baseball and I hope Philadelphia's drought from the World Series'll end this year. You'll excuse me if I'm don't peek at the scores for a while though...

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