Saturday, September 15, 2007

Things About Me...

Occasionally, I get email from people with one of those "Get To Know You" lists where a person tells you things about themselves and then you forward on your responses back to them and so many other people. I recently got one in my email box and decided to post my answers on the blog instead. Read it. Respond to with your own answers if you'd like.


1. Three things that scare me:
a. Growing older.
b. Spiders. Yeah, I know they're smaller than me, but they're creepy.
c. Heights.

2. Three people who make me laugh:
a. Carlos Mencia
b. Margaret Cho
D L Hughley

3. Three things I love:
a. Chocolate. I can't get enough of it.
b. My cats. Wolfy-cat and Lieby-cat are the best companions I've ever had.
c. Reality TV shows Top Chef, Project Runway, Clean House, The Biggest Loser and American Idol.

4. Three things I hate:

a. Asinine (ASSinine, really) people. Especially one dimensional, opinionated, bigots.
When the moment slips through your fingers, you know it's too late, and the exactly right moment will never come again..
c. Organ meats (liver, tripe, heart, chitterlings (shit you know I mean Chitlins), tongue, etc) as any type of meal. Yuck!

5: Three things I don't understand:
a. Racists, Sexists, and Homophobes.
b. How George W. Bush got re-elected for a second term
c. Anything other than basic mathematics (i.e. trigonometry, calculus, etc).

6. Three things on my desk:
a. A birthday card from Lady Miss T.
b. An old hair-tieback from when I had my braids earlier this summer.
c. A jar of peanut butter.

7. Three things I'm doing right now:
a. Contemplating cleaning my office.
b. Preparing tuna macaroni Salad for a picnic tomorrow.
c. Downloading mp3s to my desktop.

8: Three things I want to do before I die:
a. Stroll down the
Champs-Élysées in Paris sipping coffee and eating a chocolate croissant. Seriously.
b. Become an entrepreneur owning the soul food fusion restaurant, Wild Child's.
c. Settle down and have the family, home, and 2.5 kids that is the American dream. The likelihood of that happening is scarce though.

9. Three things I can do:
a. Sing very well, actually, although I'm destroying my voice by smoking.
b. Read in several other languages other than my own. I can read Spanish, French, and Latin. I can't speak it well, but I can translate in my head. That's an accomplishment! The average American usually only learns one language, and some can barely manage to speak American-English properly. (I love y'all anyway)
c. Curl my tongue on both the left and right side of my mouth.

10.Three things I can't do:
a. Bring myself to visit the state of Mississippi. This probably more like a refusal.
b. Drive stick shift. I'm constantly stripping gears and the clutch hurts my foot.
c. Bake. While I can cook my ass off, baking is too much of an exact science. I cook by visual measurement, which for baking is difficult and also deadly (to the tongue)!

11.Three things I think you should listen to:
a. Any song performed by John Legend, Michael Bubl
é, or the Secret Garden.
b. Poetry read by Maya Angelou, preferably in person, if possible.
c. To your heart and mind. Whatever your mind first tells you to do, do it. Never second guess yourself.

12.Three things you should never listen to:
a. Fox News (aka the Republican Propaganda channel).
b. Words of hate (see above).
c. Your girlfriend/
boyfriend's/significant other's cellphone messages.

13.Three things I would like to learn:
a. Hit a baseball. Surprisingly, since I'm die-hard baseball fan. I'm dreadful at sports, thus, continuing the myth about bisexual/gay/SGL men and sports.
b. Italian
c. Pottery.

14.Three favorite foods:
a. Asian Cuisine, especially Sushi and Thai food.
b. My homemade turkey chili and cornbread stuffing.
c. My Aunt Delta's Sweet Potato Pie...Heaven on a plate!

15.Three shows I watched as a kid:
a. The Smurfs.
b. Diff'rent Strokes.
c. The Super Friends. All the versions...especially the ones with the Wonder Twins!

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