Friday, September 21, 2007

Avatar Season Premiere: The Awakening

So, what did everyone think about Avatar: The Last Airbender season premiere?

I thought it ran pretty slow and was disappointed. I hope the season will get better. The first few moments hurried through loose ends between the "Boomerang Gang" (aka "Team Avatar" a nickname assigned by Sokka over their little group) escaping Ba Sing Se and Azula and the Dei Li taking over the city.

Also, the Earth King decides to travel the world in disguised as a peasant???? How improbable is that? I mean the Earth King is royalty after all! Sure he'd go into hiding, but The flimsy excuse used he'd travel the world as peasant, I don't buy it. C'mon people!!!

The one highlight for me was seeing Princess Yue (the Spirit of the Moon) and Avatar Roku while Aang was attempting to reach the Fire Nation on his own. Ruko mentions to Aang that it's his faught that he didn't anticipate this war coming. The series never has addressed happened to Ruko? Why did he allow the war to happen? I'm hoping this is answered some time this season.

Poor Zuko, it seems seems he'll always be the folly of his younger sister, Princess Azula, falling into her inner schemes. She's proved to be a conniving bitch as per usual. What's she up to giving Zuko the credit for allegedly killing Aang? She's definitely setting him up for a fall. Azula wants to be the Fire Empress after Ozai is my guest. I mean if Ozai can manipulate his father to become Firelord over General Iroh, Azula can work her mojo with Ozai to achieve the same ends. Bitch! Girl is pure evil.

Another highlight, after all this time, we finally got to see the true face of the enemy, Firelord Ozai! Amazingly, Zuko, without the fire scar, looks like exactly like Ozai! For someone who's a tyrant, Ozai is a handsome devil! Ha! That's it exactly: handsome devil!

How this season resolves everything with Aang defeating Ozai will be an interesting climax. With the Fire Nation aware of the invasion plan, Aang and company will have to bring down the Fire Nation from within. I see the set up. But how will this be accomplished. The Fire Nation strikes me as a Hydra, cut the head off, another two grow back in its place. Meaning, just because Aang defeats the Firelord, will the rest of the Fire Nation wake up and become harmonious with the rest of the world? Doubtful. Azula with her schemes and the remainder of the Fire Navy and Army fleets, no, this won't be resolved quickly.

More to come as the season progresses....

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