Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Mohawk Chef Survives...

So Dale survived the ax tonight and was able to go on the next round. I immediately called Queen Hester after the decision and gave a big sigh of relief. Hester, isn't a big Dale fan, but agreed he deserved to go on to the final round of cooking.

Dale seemed really personable tonight. OK, I admit, I got a bit misty-eyed when he rattled off all the challenges he faced in the last year, being dumped, being unemployed... yadda, yadda, yadda. Queen Hester and I both agreed Hung is a soulless bastard and was hoping in the end he got the boot, but no such luck.

In a turnaround from my previous Top Chef post, I actually found myself rooting for Brian to make the next round. Brian's food showed life and heart, despite him dropping his fish in the Quickfire Challenge, I would have eaten his dish, even though I'm not a big fan of trout. The Elimination Challenge was to prepare a elk dish (yuck!) for at least 45 cowboys & cowgirls at a Colorado ranch.

Now me, being Mr. Northeast East Coast Guy, can't comprehend even eating elk, let alone cooking it for someone. I'm not a big fan of eating game meats. I don't like rabbit, venison, pheasant, and other non-traditional meats. Most often, these meats need to be undercooked, and while I can eat meat medium rare, I draw the line with blood oozing from my food. I guess I'm too Big City for my britches, growing up in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, I'm not into country cuisine. Game meat is too rustic. Just my opinion.

Everyone's dish seemed way too rare, undercooked, especially Casey's. I sat on pins and needles knowing Casey was going home. Judges Chef Tom, snotty Eric Ripert, and Gail, who unsuspectingly turned out for the finals, berated the dish, with the exception of her sauce. Each thought it was well prepared. Everyone loved Dale's dish. Hung won high technical praise, but his food didn't reflect heart. Hello! You have to have a heart and soul first!

Dale obtained the victory and the opportunity to do a presentation with Eric Ripert. Ugh! Watching this show reinforces I would never attempt to work in the cooking industry. The whole field is so bourgeois, I mean its way over the top! I'm just not into high society elitist shit.

In the elimination though, the judges decided Brian's dish was too busy and sent him packing. I felt really bad for Brian. He finally seemed to be a person, unlike Hung. Hung, the arrogant bastard, has no personality, no soul, no thought for the people he's preparing his cuisine. He gave little regard to the challenge. "I'm cooking for the judges, not those Country cowboy people. What do cowboys eat anyway? Baked beans, baked beans and more baked beans???" Oh, thine own arrogance will be your undoing Hung!

I see the potential for Hung falling into the trap some who emigrate to America, struggle, achieve the American dream, and then thumb their noses at Americans still struggling to reach the dream. I could easily get on a soapbox rant, but I won't. "Lawdy, please let his ass go down in flames next week!" Interesting enough, the rest of Top Chef viewers felt the same way. Tonight's "Who would you most like to see eliminated" pole indicated 69% wanted Hung sent packing! If only, America, if only....

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