Friday, September 28, 2007

Doctor? Doctor Who?

Well as there is only now one week left of Doctor Who on the Sci-Fi Channel, all I have to say is thank goodness BBC America is broadcasting episodes of Torchwood. I can't wait for tomorrow's episode of Torchwood. I'm really being drawn in on the series. It's much darker than Doctor Who ever has been.

Currently, John Barrowman, lead star on Torchwood, is doing a story arc with David Tennant on Doctor Who. I'm not sure I like their chemistry (or lack thereof) together. The Doctor in the few episodes with Captain Jack, comes across very homophobic. Sad. Now we can't have my favorite Gallifreyan be a bigot now, can we? He is after all, the last Timelord! Oh wait, there's Professor Yana, I'm mean the Master....The Master!?!?!?

"Eek! Don't kill me Master!! You know I've always loved you best in all you're regenerations...especially you're Eric Roberts personae! What? The Doctor... Doctor Who?!?!?"

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