Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: Still Pondering ...

I've been Jonesin' for some Battlestar Galactica for some time now. I've been hunting around the 'Net trying to find out anything about next season. While there will be a movie coming out this November, Battlestar Galactica: Razor.It's more of a flashback storyline and supposedly it gives clues to next season, the fourth and final season. Hm. Rumors surround that we'll actually see the traditional Cylons we were accustomed with in the Original Series.

Despite all these months, I'm still wondering who the fifth final Cylon is? I have an idea, but I cringe to think what if its true! No, not President Roslyn?!?!?! Remember she shared that vision with Number Six and "Athena?" Duh, who else could it be, unless all the blogging is correct that Starbuck, good o;' Kara Thrace, is indeed a Cylon....Four more months until next we find out.

If you look carefully at the picture with D'Anna (Number Three Cylon) meeting with the Final Five in the vision at the Temple of the Five you can clearly see there are three men and two women. Now a question arises that none of the women are dark complexion, which, Tori, President Rosilyn's aide, is dark-skinned. WTF? Another reason I think we're being thrown off in some capacity. However, if what we've seen so far is TRUE, then by the laws of every science fiction plot twist ever written, we have to assume either Rosilyn or Starbuck's character is going to be a Cylon. The only reason I rule out Laura Rosilyn is because she initially had cancer. I presume Cylons don't get cancer? But then again, they get pregnant? Frack! This is givin' me a headache....

In the meantime, here's a "Happenin" little clip I found on one of the BSG Blogs. Enjoy.

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