Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oscar De La Hoya

So last night Hester and I were sitting at one of the local bars when I saw the flash about the alleged pictures of Oscar De La Hoya in the fishnet stockings and panties. OK, so you know I had to go home and check every blog out there to examine to see if they're real or not. I honestly can't tell. Some of them look like him, well the all do, but some look more morphed than others.

Hmmm, Oscar has always maintained his heterosexuality again and a again. Rumors have followed about him being gay for a number of years, but I'm not sure about that. I'm not questioning his sexuality because of the pantyhose thang. Naw, I think Oscar likes women, I just think he has a kinky side to him and that's a'ight? We all have our little fetishes don't we? I'm not gonna judge, but if the pictures or real, well he wouldn't surprise me. My only problem is these pictures were supposedly taken while he's married.....not a good thing cheatin' on da wifey, Oscar....

I've never been into the whole drag thing, I like my women to be women and my men to be men. Still, we've all gotten drunk and we all do stupid things when drunk, so I can see someone whippin' out a camera and snappin' a couple photos. Lord knows there are pictures I've had to hunt down and destroy from my colleges days! He also knows I'm holding ransom photos of several friends in case they decide to ever run for political office too, LOL. Just kiddin' about the blackmail stuff...ahem, getting back to Oscar.

He has a nice body in some of these photos. The drag shit turns me off, but I still respect him and would see him fight. People, like my grandpop, my stepdad, uncles, and a host of other straight-laced boxing fans may think different, but my response to most folks is we're livin' in the 21st century, er'rybody's got some scandal waiting to pounce out from underneath their mattress, closet, attic, et al. Get used to it baby. We haven't heard the last of this latest controversy.

If I remember correctly, there is a video out there floating around the "Net with Oscar being exposed full frontal at a weigh-in for a bout. I know so because I've seen and had it a while back, but deleted it. Like I said, everyone has dirt on them, that why were human, we make mistakes and don't always use common sense. Especially when alcohol or sex is involved.

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