Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sticky, Hot and Humid

Its another sticky, hot and humid Indian Summer Day in the Susquehanna Valley. I hate this point in the early autumn season.

I don't know if the rest of the country refers to this time frame as "Indian Summer" or not. Y' know, just thinking about the term itself somehow feels soooo politically incorrect, Growing up here in Pennsylvania, I've always known it to be called such. I figured it was something like "Indian corn," the multicolored corn you find at Halloween and Thanksgiving. Thanks to a mi hermana, Venessa, I've removed the derogatory use of "Indian-Giver" from my vocabulary, and more appropriately use "European-Giver" instead (which is so accurate! European settler stole the Native Indigenous people's land, made them treaties, broke each one. Oh, and let's not forget, the 40 acres and a mule promised to freed salves!).

Of course, here in Central PA, people still use the term "niggardly," but that doesn't mean its usage is politically correct either. If "Indian Summer" has crossed the line, I apologize if I've offended. Take conciliation I've Native American blood on both sides of my family tree, both paternal and maternal. It also explains why I use the moniker "Darktomahawk." While I identify myself as African American, I can step the over the line, and claim multiethnic. I'm just a copper complected kid, born in PA and raised all over the Eastern Seaboard from Philly to South Carolina.

Regardless, the heat has made me feel irritable, feelin' like shit from Shitsville. I'm feelin' grumpy, but not bitchy, restless, without being tired. I dunno what my problem is. Anyway, there's nothing more pleasurable than starin' at a man in form fittin' lycra, although it'll make you more hot and bothered in some cases...

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