Thursday, September 20, 2007

Avatar: The Last Air-Bender

So tomorrow is the eagerly anticipated season premiere of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I've been waiting for the third season to start since last December. I thought they would've aired the new season by now, but this is possibly the last season and there's so much plot to resolve, the artists needed time to adequate gather up story lines, draw the cartoon itself, and recast the voice of Uncle Iroh (sadly, Mako, died earlier this year).

So what will we have in store for us? Aang still has to face the Firelord, Ozai. Questions to bear in mind if you watch this season are: What happened to Suki, the Kyoshi Warrior who fought Azula? Will Suki and Sokka get together? Is Jet dead? Whatever happened to Zuko and Azula's mother? Are there anymore Air Nomads still alive? If not, how will there be another Avatar? The Avatar cycle goes through each element, earth, water, air, and fire. I forget the exact order, by Aang's predecessor, Roku, was a fire-bender. The next Avatar should be a water- or earth-bender. If all the Air-benders have been destroyed by the Fire Nation, will there be more Air-Benders born? I presume, not all the Air Nomads are dead because if you remove one bending element, the Avatar cycle breaks. Aang and Katara are gonna need to have babies folks!

Last season ended with the Earth Kingdom Capitol, Ba Sing Se, falling to Princess Azula with the help of Prince Zuko. I had hope Zuko had redeemed himself after he set Aang's air bison, Appa, free. When he was in the crystal caves with Katara, it almost seemed he showed regret at his previous actions, that is until Aang showed up. Zuko has so much hatred towards the Avatar. Also,

This beautifully scripted cartoon is more than a cartoon. It has given many lessons about life and the human struggle. I have a few predictions how this season may play out. I've included the trailer for this season.. Near the end of the clip there's someone dressed in Fire Nation garb bending each of the four elements, presumably an Avatar. Who is this? It isn't Aang because the person doesn't have Air Nomad tattooed arrow on his forehead. Could it be Avatar Roku? Or could it be, as I've begun to suspect, Prince Zuko???? My reasoning that it could be Zuko is if you go back to the episode where Zuko falls ill, when his fever breaks, he gets up, goes to the mirror and sees his reflection, the face of the Avatar staring back at him. Hmmm....

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