Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"What's your Major, dude?"

So over the weekend I had made the drive up to State College to take a friend back to school. By now I've gotten used to the drive to Penn State. There are some parts of the drive that are very relaxing, albeit, not at two o'clock in the morning. Because we were due to have a snow and ice storm, my friends decided they wanted to leave early in the Sunday wee hours so we could avoid the Wintery mix. Storms are always worse in Happy Valley than in my area.

I felt awake enough although I had little to no sleep on Saturday. Earlier I had been out looking at apartments with a friend, so my afternoon was pretty cramped. As usual I didn't rest even with high possibility I'd be driving over night. Not a problem, when needed, I can kick start my second wind and tap into my reserve energy. I could handle driving two hours to State College.

Once we got to my buddy's dorm, my friends went upstairs to unload the bounty while I grabbed a smoke by the car. While waiting, out comes some student from the dorm dressed in hockey gear and with a towel wrapped around his waist. He was obviously drunk and had been for some time. He started a conversation with me, which I thought was odd, but flattering. It's been over a decade plus since I've been a undergrad student or could pass for one. Perhaps it was my ensemble I had on, my do-rag scarf covering my braids and my snazzy leather coat, and my trendy jeans. In any case he must of thought I was because he kept asking me if I had fun tonight. Not one to disappoint his drunken mistaken assumption, I played along and just stated I had had too much funny.

"Dude, you can never have too much fun," he responded. We chatted for a few moments until a car pulled up. I then understood why he was dressed in his hockey garb. The three of them were on the hockey team and were about to leave for some tournament so they could qualify for "nationals" (at least that's what I thought I heard them say).

Mr. Hockey's friend laughed at his intoxication and were bantering about when the next thing I witness was Mr. Hockey with his track pants at his ankles standing in the alley way in his boxer shorts. College kids. His buddies were roaring with laughter as I stood by the fortunate member to participate in this stupid college-boy-antic show. His friends took several picture with their camera phones and called several people up, poking fun at Mr. Hockey's intoxicated state. After a while they decided they needed to get going and urged Mr. Hockey to get in the car (I assume they needed to get to the team bus). The kid insisted he wanted to walk. The guys tried to coax before giving up.

As my Penn-Stater friends starts to walk along with the car, he dragged one of the large recycle containers with him. He got about two feet before the container spilled over, making a thunderous noise, and flaying bottles and cans everywhere. At this point, my drunken friend yells "I didn't mean it!" several times, hops in his friends' car, and they all speed off, leaving me in the alley feeling a bit perplexed, but definitely amused.

Ah, Penn State! You are truly teaching our leaders of tomorrow....LOL

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