Sunday, February 18, 2007

Part deux, what this guy likes...

My second batch.

My tastes oscillate from sometimes grungy, hyper-masculine men to wispy thin guys. A common theme though would be I love huskier men with facial hair and tattoos, albeit, refined men with controlled facial hair. Goatees and mustaches are good, not so much full beards. The body is beautiful on a man. Being gay/bisexual and being attracted to men is not just about his penis. Overall, it's his eyes, his toes, his calves, his hands, feet, stomach, arms....

To be a even more candid, I chose to start with African American (Black) men first as a measure of self-affirmation as well. The guys I've chosen are different, yet a theme can be derived too. What I find sexually attractive on a Black man is a strong masculine type; I tend not to like thinnish guys, but rather men with well-defined musculature. The guy carries an air of confidence about him, like no matter what is going on around him, he knows he will conquer his environment, yet be sensitive to the things he's passionate about. He is at ease with himself and comfortable within his soul. His look conveys this to me.

A certain amount of body hair doesn't either! Most Black men have very little body hair, but I do prefer him to have where nature intended it to be. I'm not into the shaved look. There's something to be said about having good "man-scaping," but a bald nether region is just plain child-like and unappealing. My personal opinion. Even still, if the man has everything else going on with the rest of his body, I can deal with the trimmed hedges, LOL.

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