Monday, February 12, 2007

Queer As Folk vs. Six Feet Under vs. Noah's Arc

Intriguing television shows are often what I live for. I must admit that I didn't watch Six Feet Under before it was syndicated on Bravo Network. I did watch Queer As Folk on it's regular run on Showtime and now I see Logo's has it's grubby little hands on it. I'm not thrilled with the Logo channel. Grow a pair of balls and show some nudity already. Most people have to pay to get access for the channel anyway. I'm an adult. I can handle seeing a dick or a pair of boobs!!!

I wish I had been interested in Six Feet Under when the shows ran on HBO regularly. While I enjoy the moving episodes, Bravo has to censor so much. I've been watching the unedited episodes on Comcast's HBO On-Demand, but to date, they have stopped putting previous episode on. I figure because having them on On-Demand must take viewers away from Bravo to a certain degree. Hm.

Six Feet Under was dark, talented, humorous, and insightful. I love the Fisher-Diaz family! The way each episode starts off with someone dying and how that person's death affect those to remain. Excellent writing. The gay connection with David and Keith, Nate's on-again, off-again relationship with Brenda (I hated Lisa!!!), Claire ever creative, yet morose artistic life, the show is excellent! If you've never seen the show, rent the DVDs. Six Feet Under had some heart wrenching episodes where I was deeply touched. The episode where the man gives his dead lover an operatic funeral...the soloist that sang the famous opera piece (I can't remember the name) comes to mind. I was moved beyond word when I watched that episode.

I always seem to get interested in shows after they've gone off the air or near the end of their run....Sex and the City, Noah's Arc, Six Feet Under. I promise not to jump on the whole bashing of Logo for dropping Noah's Arc even Logo is not my favorite channel. Logo is "supposedly" dedicated to serving the gay community, but from what I've seen on there, besides Noah's, nothing is targeted to African-Americans.

African American people are still seen as the outsiders in every spectrum. When I heard the series was cancelled, I really wasn't surprised. I have to admit, the show was more laughable, than something I could take seriously. It was a bit over the top in terms of the characters and weak plots. Don't get me wrong, I'd recommend others to watch it. I even signed an online petition to save the show, but I will wait, like everyone else, until the movie comes out next year. Again it was a show like QAF, that the man-candy was just right. Plus both Keith Hamilton Cobb and Vitoria Rowell form the Young & the Restless paid a visit!

Noah's Arc was more interesting than Queer as folk. I hated so much the show. The only storyline that really interested me was the few episodes where Michael's Uncle Victor died or some episodes about Hunter's struggle as a teenager with HIV. I despised the character Brian, I reviled Justin, found Emmitt was comic relief but not enough focus was given to him, Teddy was so morose...on and on I could go. I must admit the show was only good for the occasional full frontal nudity!Plus Robert Gant who played Michael's HIV+ boyfriend, was un-fucking-believably hot!

In the end, my television watching is down to a minimum. I refuse to watch Lost (even if my ethnic stud du jour, Naveen Andrews, is on). I force myself to not watch Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy. Television is too much temptation...

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