Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shh, but thanks Taylor & Darius...

Note: copycat post from Chocolate and Salsa. Pardon the lack of originality. So the blog isn't ending, but I am taking a break for a few days. I'm just tired...and overwhelmed!

Now, I'm gonna break the rules here, but Taylor's blog, SGL Cafe, is one of my favorite blogs! EVAH. Oh, I have tons of favorites really, and I try not to go on and on on some less I hurt somebody's feelins by not mentioning them...but Taylor just wrote something really awesome comment. Believe me, I was touched.

Anyhoo, I haven't been postin much on any of the three blogs. I'm going through my changes...again. Ain't I moody sum'bitch? LOL. Whenever I get my boxers outta snit, I'll be back. For now, here's a shout out to Taylor. Got these from his Flickr page awhile ago...when you get the chance, meander over to SGL Cafe.

While I'm at it too, lemme give a proper thanks to Darius T for make me feel included! Your comment this morning was also appreciated! You know I love your blogs too, so, not playin' too much favoritism. Check out both of Darius T's blogs here and here! Bring some munchies, cause his Everyday Cookin spot is definitely gonna make you huuuuuuuungry! For food that is, get your mind out the gutter! LOL.

For now, here's splendid photos from Taylor that caught my eye....

All photography courtesy of and copyrighted by Taylor Siluwé.

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Darius T. Williams said...

You always show me mad love...thanks for that! for real!


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