Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Whatever illness that has it's grips on me is taking its time letting go. Last week I had the flu, this week I have a head cold and have been achy as hell. Yesterday I made a conscious decision not to go online at all. Of course this morning, my email boxes runneth over. I'll spend the better part of this morning emptying and reading mail.

I can't think of anything pertinent to write this morning. There's nothing really going on with me. Nothing. Since I've been sick on and off these last two weeks, I haven't been to Physical Therapy or even left the house much. Sunday I managed to drag myself to church, then came home and crashed on the couch for three hours afterward.

Today, my challenge is to get myself together, work on a few posts for the blogs, do some cleaning around the house, workout a bit, and continue to shake this cold. Boring, but life goes on whether we're sick or not....


photogreg said...

As James Brown would say:

"Get up offa that thing
And dance till you feel better

Get up offa that thing
just try to release the pressure

Get up offa that thing
Go ahead Bro

Dance till you feel better
Bro, get up offa that thing

Try to release the pressure"

Take care, Ian.

real said...

i'm on my way......

Wonder Man said...

get well


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