Saturday, February 14, 2009

Through The Night

As sung by Gladys Knight

I'm imagining lots of happy people
And most of you are with someone you love
Well you are the lucky ones

All over the world there are
lots of people who are alone tonight
I imagine most of us have been in
that situation at some time or another
I know I have

Recently I heard a most beautiful song with a dynamic lyric
that really expresses this feeling of loneliness
It means a lot to me personally
and I like to share it with you
I think you'll see what I mean...

Take the ribbons from my hair.

Shake it loose and let it fall

Lay in soft upon my skin

Like the shadows on the wall

Come and lay down by my side

'Til the early morning light
All I'm taking is your time
Help me make it through the night...

I don't care what's right or wrong

I won't try to understand
Let the Devil take tomorrow
For tonight I need a friend.

Yesterday is dead and gone

And tomorrow is out of sight

And it's so sad to be alone

Help me make it through the night

Lord it's so sad to be alone
Help me make it through the night
Lead me through the night
Come on and take me through the night
Through the night....

Ian's Point:
Just clearing some thoughts. Sums up what I'm feelin'. I'm not especially sad, though, perhaps overly annoyed and angry with myself, bored, and tired with my life at the moment, but C'est la vie. Is it's another sad-sack, pity party post? Probably.

Half contemplated going down town for a drink or two, but I know what would end up happening. I'm not going to waste 7 months of purifying abstinence for cheap, meaningless Valentine's Day hook-up. I'd only feel like shit tomorrow morning if I had. No. I know I'm in a vulnerable moment, so the best place for me is right here at home.

Hope you are having a memorable occasion tonight at least.


Wonder Man said...

things will get better

Wonder Man said...

things will get better


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