Monday, February 16, 2009

Albert Pujols

Lord knows, I'm no fan of the St. "Screw-us" Cardinals, I do enjoy watching Albert play.

Thank God baseball starts in two months. I'm soooo tired of winter. Baseball always means Spring is near, which leads to warmer weather! My hope is to catch as many games as I can, between Camden Yards and Citizen's Bank Park, as possible to watch the Boys of Summer this 2009 Baseball season. Probably will only be able to afford the nose bleed section, but hey! Cheap-o seats are still seats at a game, right?

You know that's right!


Wonder Man said...

quite nice

JNez said...

i see you and i are both baseball and latin male fans. you should be gearing up for the world baseball classic next week then. talkin' bout some fine, *ahem* uncut latino papis all up on your hdtv. well...on mine anyway :-)

Anonymous said...

you nilgas love latin/unblack skin. it's quite funny to witness this self-hate. hmmm, too bad latin/unblack rarely loves you back. ha ha.

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

My dear anonymous friend...

It's quite obvious you dropped out of nowhere to this blog. If you had been a long time reader, than you'd know I'm part Cuban, so youmight want to rephrase your statement.

And to correct you again, I know plenty Black/"Unblack (as you say)" couples. I also know plenty of black/latin couples...

Do yourself a favor, please go somewhere else to spread your racist ignorant comments. Don't come back to my blog. Gracias.


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