Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Before I Knew Him"

Blogger note: Since a few of my co-bloggers on MALE have been brandishing their powerful works of poetry, I decided to further open the door into who I am by posting a few pieces of my own. Now for me, my poems are a private matter. Garbage really. I wrote a poem earlier this year in honor of Barack Obama's inauguration to the Presidency back in January. Piece of crap, but I tried my best.

So going through a little journal I keep in my nightstand, I found a poem I wrote three years ago about Napoleon. Surprisingly, there a great element of truth in what I scribbled. For those of you who've been reading the Axe long enough to know my trials and errors with my ex, what do you think?

I named him "Napoleon"
but perhaps "king" would have been more apropos.
With an air (or is "heir") apparent,
he walks with gentleness,
but stubbornness to a fault.
He challenges anyone who dares
give him a double take,
question his correctness or entitlement.

Perhaps in deeds,
the actions are unforgivable
but where else does on go
when seeking such dubious promises and empty hope?

His is a fire that burns inside,
fueled with strange passions and oft white lies.
Something unimaginable yet mysteries.
He's the perfect Gossamer,
a hybrid creature,
there's danger beneath that smile.

Who else knows where he goes behind closed doors?
Who understands the dictates of his motivations?
My reason is a gift,
His are only afterthoughts.

the passions are his alone,
launched into unusual tirades
but deeper lends the mystery
and I am curious all the more.
In turns,
his love can be greater,
most sweeter than honey and wine.

Though I glimpse him with one eye closed
this "king-child,"
How amazing in this short time
I've observed a man I want to call mate.
A lifetime of events
crammed in few sessions
(more than one person should experience).

The future may be,
but in time only will I really know
if someday I'll give pause,
and regret the past,
score myself for unwise decisions...

But today I live in the here
and the now
and all He does is makes me feel warm and right.
Let tomorrow worry about itself.

Written about "Napoleon"
penned 26 July 2006
titled 21 February 2009

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