Monday, February 16, 2009

Journey Home...

A boy sits in the sands, feet buried in the grit, enjoying the warm summer afternoon. Its so peaceful. Not a care in the world to think about. Beside him sits a tiny pale and shovel that got much use that day. Building imaginary forts and castles, conquering worlds, building dreams outta tiny grains of earth...

The ocean roars; accompanying our tyke in his solace. Waves crest and fall, foam rushes close to where he sits, but never quite reaches. Such resplendent joy to be here. If only the moment could last forever. But soon, alas, all good things must come to an end. A man's shadow creeps from behind him.

"Gather your things kiddo. We gotta be headin' out," Father pronounces.

Disappointed, our young fellow slowly climbs to his feet. Stricken with a pang of sadness, like he'll never enjoy the sun, waves, or the ocean breezes like this again, he picks up his assortment, takes one last glimpse at the surroundings, then takes daddy's hand and they walk back to the car. Somber and sobering, the day's treat is done. Time to go home.

As Father straps him in the back seat, there's water and a sandwiches next to him. Nourishment in case he hungers on the long drive back home. Maybe they'll stop for custard at Dairy Queen just outside Lightfoot? Or perhaps stop at Aunt Sarah's or Stuckey's? The drive is so long; just reaching Richmond will take an eternity.

In anticipation of this, Father's filled toys and books on the backseat with our little boy. This should keep him preoccupied for several hours. Father hopes little boy will sleep too, but he never does. Prepped to go, the key turns in the ignition, the engine purrs, now casual and slow, the orange Nissan reverses out of the space, from the parking area, and begins its trek West up Route 64 homeward bound.

With doe eyes, a mist of tears forming, our tyke wonders with naive innocence. In young, immature thoughts, he wonders why the day went so fast? Wonders how long it'll take to get home? Wonders what mommy will think of his bronze copper skin once he runs up those steps home? How will Pammy and Rinna like their gifts? Summer is over.

Time to make the journey home...

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