Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another BSG Double Standard?

So far the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica was been disapointing and most annoying. The big hype, You will know the truth..blah, blah, blah. Yawn already. More explanations! More drama! More Cylons!!! With the exception of last week's episode, five of the six aired episodes have been fairly predictable.

With four eps remaining, the writers have many answers to cram into the show. Why does Baltar/Caprica Six see the "head" Six/Baltar? Who or what the frak is Starbuck? What is the significance of the Opera House, all those damn visions, and Hera, the hybrid child? Best of all, why do we never, EVER, see the sexy Black guy Cylon Simon?!?! (You knew I had to go there!)

Last night, with the return of the Fifth Cylon to the Colonial Fleet, was just so damn slow. Plus a few points in the storyline jumped the shark in my opinion. Um, Head Six? Whasupwitchu? Where have you been the last couple episodes? Um, Galen? Why your vote when you just helped Galactica get her overhaul? Tory...well no real question for you. You're still in character, but I thought you couldn't become even more a bitch than last night. I can't stand your character!!! Um Roslin and Adama? Why are you trusting Baltar? Again!. Um, Final Cylon of the Final Five? Why last week were you the benevolent, surprisingly delightful, creator, only to return to the fleet to return to vapid, scornful, trite "human" you were before you left in the first place? I suppose hell hath no fury afterall..."little girl." Little girl indeed. See, watch yo' mouth. Now your little girl got issues, all cause of you! Guess your spite backfired?

Ugh. For better or worse, I'm sucked in.

For fellow bloggers, Wonder Man, Andy Caldwell, and Nude In DC, or anyone else who watches the series....what did you make of the big break down scene with Colonel Tigh and Admiral Adama? Curious. Thinking back to a post Wonder Man (read it and my comments here) wrote concerning the footnote admission onFelix Gaeta's sexuality and how Ron D. Moore handle the situation. Undermining it by only implying it in episodes and make the clear distinction in webisodes, something most viewers would not see. At first, I agreed with BSG creators and how underscoring Gaeta's sexuality would actually villify him more. Given what happens to Gaeta this season, the LGBT community would cry foul for RDM creating a negative homo-stereotype. However, Friday's episode went the over direction and has me now wondering.

You remember the scene... Our good Colonel shows up at Adama's state room, "britzing" (PA Dutch term) his head off, all pathetic, and dispondent because Liam died. Ah yes, the big ole break down. A sad moment until Tigh falls apart in Adama arms, broken man, lovingly looking for comfort, but CLEARLY has to insert "its not like that you know..." And the Fifth Cylon, moments before, got their jab in, pushing the point that Tigh loves no one else in the Universe more than Bill Adama. So of course, Tigh has to defend his manhood, even in the depth of misery. I ain't no homo!

Haven't read anything on the blogsphere yet. Have yet to surf over to the BSG message boards, but I'll be surprised if nobody makes a stink about this. Here you have them sweeping the issue of Gaeta's homosexuality under the rug, while going out of their way to prove Tigh's heterosexuality. Fair? Or discrimination? You tell me.


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