Saturday, February 2, 2013

Will He? Won't He? God Knows!

I've never understood why people gather en masse, at the crack of dawn no less, to watch an overgrown rodent predict the season's change. I mean really, how does Punxsutawney Phil recognize if he saw his shadow or not??? And if the creature sees his shadow, how do you suppose it tells it's handlers it did? LOL

I don't know who started the tradition of Groundhog Day, but it's so silly. Oh, I'm not trynna pee into any o' body's cornflakes this 'morning, just scratching my head at some the rather odd traditions people do.

I forget which is the proper condition, but I assume that most Pennsylvania Winters are cloudy and overcast and don't let much sun through for anything to cast a shadow. Not always, but most Winter Days are gloomy. Folks gather at that Gobbler's Knob in the wee hours and wait. In the cold.  

Oh hell no! 

But if there's any truth to rodent prognostication, I'll lay my cards with an early Spring. After all, if the Farmer's Almanac, overzealous squirrels gathering food, and the colorist mood swings of wooly caterpillars can predict the seasons, why not rely on the devilishly fat woodchuckin', pig-whistlin', land beaver, Phil, eh?

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Roger Poladopoulos said...

I've never really put too much thought into the whole groundhog myth. As a matter-of-fact, your post, my blogger brother, reminded me of the whole thing. Funny, it just never stayed on my radar.

As to your question about Kwame Harris, I'm not sure why the incident was kept quiet for so long. Perhaps the efforts of lawyers to keep it out of the limelight. Mind you, the case hasn't even reached the trial stage yet. Who knows?

BTW: I'm mentioning your blog as an honor on mine on 2/15/13. The post is on Black Queer Bloggers of note. Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


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