Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Somehow, today turned out to be 'Reveal Ian's Secretes Fetish Day.' I assure you, this was not my intention, my mind just happens to be in a quirky place. But since I putting it out, yes I do love a man in spandex and lycra. Lord knows, its one of the most unforgiving fabrics, so you better have the body to pull it off. I'm not just talking about dude's crotch neither... ass, thighs...its all got to be the perfect proportion to wear it WELL.

And oh, one of the worse crimes committed against spandex? When the Olympic swimmers went from the brief style to these horrid thighmaster and full length body suits. Eewwww. Bring back the hoagie huggers! LOL


Roger Poladopoulos said...

An alternative option is to let them swim nude! :)

Ian said...

Why, what a novel idea!! LOL

SEAN said...

I'm with Roger. If you didn't know, the reason they wear the longer suits is because they have micro channels running along the surface so that the slip through the water faster than the closest shaved or heavily waxed body could.

Fun fact - they wear their suits at least 3 sizes too small - the tighter the fit the faster they go through the water. And you should always wear spandex tight. Loose spandex is not your friend and when you get it wet, if it's not tight it looks horrible.

I was a DM for Speedo stores and it was only the very fat, haven't been in the sun for 30 years men who wanted to know how they looked in the one inch (the width of the sides 1, 2, 3 and square) white speedo never the hot college swimmers or triathletes - they just grabbed their size and left.


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