Saturday, February 2, 2013

Warm Bodies

I have absolutely no desire to see this movie, but there's something about the actor who plays the zombie that I find drawn towards. If I were waaaaaaay younger, this boy probably had me swooning. I know not the young man's name! Horror of horrors!??! Why don't I know the boy's name!??!!

Oh God. Help! Somebody lock up my inner teenager that's gotten out. My middle-aged sensibilities can't take it! I don't know this boy's name!!!! WHY? Have I gotten old? Crazy to the point that I'm right here on the Internet, it's a simple matter of going to Google, and finding the young temptation of the undead variety's name, so that my, his, our, craving, lustfilledreamsofpassionaresatifiedfulfilled. Burbleburbleburblebuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrp!



Sorry. Fell into the pits of zombie lust. Mustn't do that too close to the Zombie-apocalypse f. World War Z and all y'know. .Bradley's coming.

Fact: The actor's name is Nicholas Hoult. Indeed. He also was in X-Men: First Class. Ironic, the Beast brings out another, eh?

I was two years out of high school before this child took his first breath. **sigh**

The middle-aged man scampers back to reality. OH wait though!

I already have a boyfriend. And a girlfriend.

"Nevermind," say Emily Latella.

Note: if you got the last reference, then this should make you laugh too!

Happy Journeys!

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